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Editorial: 911 Partisan

EDITORIAL:  On September 11, ten years ago America experienced a terrible tragedy with the collapse of the Twin Towers at the hands of Al Qaida terrorists.

That horrible moment in time changed the way we live our daily lives and opened our eyes to what a dangerous world we live in.

The only positive thing that came after 9/11 was the unifying spirit we all felt for a relatively short period of time. We were all waving our flags and chanting USA as a country brought together by this tragedy.

I remember thinking at the time that it was too bad that spirit would not last and at some point we would go back to our old partisan ways of intolerance and judgmental behavior. The spirit truly did fade away even quicker than I feared and ten years later our country is more divided and mean spirited than I could have ever imagined.

 In 2001, it took a common tragedy to bring us together. In 2011, we are once again faced with a common tragedy but this time we have chosen to take the low road and refuse to unite for the common good.

Our current tragedy, of course, is the state of our economy and high unemployment.

The extremist this time are some of our own; men and women we have elected to serve our best interests and to keep America strong and successful. It is time once again to wave our flag of unity, come together and find a common solution for our problems and stop the extremists from destroying our way of life.  

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