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Editorial: 9/11 Moment of Silence

EDITORIAL:  Ten years ago this Sunday the worst terrorist attacks in our nation's history occurred. 

All of us most likely can remember where we were when the planes hit the Twin Towers in New York, another hit the Pentagon and a third crashed in Pennsylvania as passengers thwarted terrorists. Thousands died that day.

This Sunday at noon all of us have a chance to remember the victims of 9/11.  

All Americans are being asked to observe one minute of silence. 

We believe this would be a fitting way for all church services to end Sunday morning.

On WTVM at noon we plan to have a simple graphic on the screen remembering those Americans who lost their lives.  

One person summed it up this way "This moment of Remembrance provides an opportunity for our country to come together on September 11 to honor the lives lost and the sacrifices made by thousands of rescue workers and survivors."

Please take part in this National Day of Remembrance.

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