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Former Columbus mayor Bobby Peters remembers 9/11

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  September 11, 2001 put the entire nation on alert including residents in Columbus. Local leaders at the time reinstated a sense of security to worried residents.

On September 11th Bobby Peters was the mayor of Columbus. He told News Leader Nine, "I was glued to the TV just like everyone else. It was a very unusual day, it really brought us all back to reality and showed us what our priorities should be."

As mayor and public safety leader of the city, Peters felt responsible for keeping his citizens safe, "I felt a sense of urgency to make sure everything was in place, everybody was safe and I took it upon myself to be responsible. The best way I could accomplish that was by having the best people in the public safety department."

September 11th may have been the day everyone stood silent, but Peters says September 12th is the day the country began to change, "The day after, every time someone saw white powder, or something suspicious, 9-1-1 was called. Our public safety calls after 9/11 increased 300 percent."

Peters said those in Columbus lost their sense of security and in return city officials had to work on restoring it, "We had so many calls, we created quick response vehicles because of the wear and tear that was put every time a fire truck or a police car was called. All our resources were tied up. We had to be innovative with our tactics and our techniques."

Following 9/11 Mayor Peters held community events and prayer vigils to make sure the city never forgot what happened that tragic day.

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