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BRAC deadline approaches, Fort Benning ready to go

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FORT BENNING, GA (WXTX) - It's been more than five years in the making and for quite some time, we have all heard about BRAC and the impact it will have on Fort Benning and the surrounding community.

It's a federal mandate that base realignment be finished by this Thursday. Commanding General Robert Brown addressed soldiers Tuesday at the Maneuver Conference telling them, everything is full speed ahead, give or take a few classes still at Fort Knox.

"There are a couple that are moving down here still to start up here but we are complete, we've met the goal on all the gates," Major General Robert Brown said.

The new BRAC upgrades make Fort Benning the second largest military installation in the entire country.

Officer candidate EJ Crowe, one of the many men in uniform at this Maneuver Conference in Columbus believes the new technologies make Fort Benning and the Army even stronger.

"It's going to change the whole face of warfare and training in General I think it's going to be so beneficial for everybody coming through the doors," Crowe said.

Fellow officer candidate Derek Bukan says Tuesday's Maneuver Conference was also a step towards the Army's future. The many displays of cutting edge technologies and new inexpensive ways to complete training are paving the way for highly equipped elite of soldiers.

"It's an enjoyable experience. We're in the OCS candidate process so it's really exciting to be here it kind of opens your eyes to the future that you are going to be getting involved in as a military career," Bukan said.

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