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More pets being saved in Columbus, shelter pledges not to kill

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus is now pledging to not kill animals just because they cannot find homes.

The Columbus Animal Care and Control Center takes in around 8,000 animals every year. In the past, thousands of dogs have been euthanized.  Recently, the community has become aware the animals are up for adoption and more animals are finding homes.

WTVM learned that the city was approached by ‘no-kill' groups.

They met with some no-kill groups and used their nine step equation to making a shelter "no-kill", thus creating a plan for the Columbus Animal Care and Control Center.

Deputy City Manager Lisa Goodwin agreed that previously animal control had a bad rap for euthanizing animals and not letting the community know they were adoptable.

The plan is called "Save A Pet" and involves more volunteers, extended hours, and a comprehensive adoption plan that involves rescue groups.

Also, those surrendering animals are going to be asked to give a little information about their pet to make adoption easier. Goodwin said, "Fluffy has a name and so we do not want you to come in and adopt and provide Fluffy with a new name and he has had that name for five years.  So, we are going to ask people who are surrendering to give information, whether it has been spayed or neutered, and other medical information."

Save A Pet also includes starting a private fund called the Angel fund that will help with medical expenses for dogs that are brought to animal control, as well as a feral trap, neuter, and release program.

The city will announce all of the nine parts of their save a pet plan within the next week.

Parts of the Save A Pet program are already being implemented. 

Goodwin said the program is not costing the city any extra money.

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