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Bringing Life back to Liberty Theatre and District

By Katherine Kington -  bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As doors opened at the Liberty Theatre Friday night, Robert Anderson, with the theatre, hopes hearts and wallets will open too.

Sitting in the middle of the district, the financially-stricken Liberty Theatre may be on life-support, but there's still life. Anderson says,"we're gonna be here and sure we're enduring some tough times right now but so is everything really. We've had a problem with establishing support."

The musical Purlie, starring WTVM's Curtis McCloud, is an attempt to bring money into the theatre

"We're not depending on the play totally to save the theatre , it has to have some management and theatrical management as well as administrative management and it's going to take funds to do that."

Robert Anderson says although this strip may be bare and seem lifeless it used to be called the street of neon lights, filled with life, excitement, and hope.

Liberty District Resident, Robert Cleveland says, "If we could all do our part and the city offers to do their part everybody in conjunction with each other we can make Columbus thrive."

Residents say they wish the city would kick away the old screws and do something with buildings like this one, either tearing them down or re-constructing them but either way, bringing life back into the district.

Dana Whitehead, a resident says, "old stores can be convenient stores even bringing something down here for the kids to go to instead of having them hangout in the streets, I mean they have old swimming pool that used to be down the road, they can build another swimming pool or even build a community center."


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