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Homemade bottle bombs are putting residents on edge

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email 

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Someone has been throwing homemade bottle bombs in the yards of some North Columbus homes and now police are trying to find out who is responsible.

Imagine your quiet night at home is interrupted by a bottle exploding in your front yard. That is exactly what happened to three different families Saturday night in North Columbus.

"We heard a boom, like a shotgun or a small gun, and I knew something was up because my dog barked and ran towards the window. We ran to the window and there was smoke in the ivy," explained Lauren Johnson.

The Johnson family did not see anyone after the loud noise, and once they figured it was safe to go outside, they went looking for what caused the small explosion. Lauren told FOX 54, "My husband did see it was a plastic bottle and we knew it must have been a homemade bomb and we then called 9-1-1."

Columbus police told the family, these bombs are fairly easy to make and they have heard of kids throwing them from moving cars. The bomb makers pour a cleaning agent into a plastic bottle, cover the top with pieces of tin foil, shake the bottle and then throw them.

Fortunately no substantial damage was done, and nobody was injured, but Lauren Johnson says the incident still makes her uneasy, "Our kids play in the yard and it's scary to think something like that could go off near them, so you get protective."

Police reports show two other homemade bombs went off Saturday night, all around the same time. They also responded to a similar situation in the Beaver Run Road area on Labor Day

"They did get a call that there was another one in a different neighborhood and we had the incident two weeks ago, so it feels like its occurring more often now," added Johnson.

These bombs can be very dangerous and we want homeowners to be aware of these incidents and make sure their families are safe.

The suspects are facing charges for making and throwing these bombs.

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