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School bus rolls over, students and driver taken to hospital

LADONIA, AL (WXTX) - For the second time this school year a Russell County school bus has crashed, sending numerous students to the emergency room.

Nearly 40 Ladonia Elementary School students spent their morning in the emergency room, instead of inside their classrooms.

Russell County Superintendent William Green explained, "This morning we had a bus delivering children to Ladonia Elementary School. It was on Westside Drive. It's a very narrow road in a subdivision in Ladonia. The bus driver got off on the side of the road, the road gave way on him and the bus rolled down an embankment."

The bus driver and 39 students were transported to the Columbus Regional Medical Center Emergency Room by another bus and ambulances.

Superintendent of schools, William Green, says they take all these accidents very seriously, "We've had some training and the state department has been in to talk with us and the bus drivers. The state department was there this morning at the crash scene."

And he adds they will continue to encourage bus drivers to use caution when transporting students, "I don't know if anything can change really, accidents are unfortunate for us, it is our second one this year. We try to do the best we can in delivering and picking up children in locations that are tough for buses to get into."

All 39 students have been released from the Medical Center and there were no traumatic injuries reported from the crash.  The bus driver was very shaken up and concerned about the students, but he is doing alright.

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