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Editorial: Georgia Boycott

EDITORIAL:  After more than 20 years of appeals, extensions and US Supreme Court rulings the State of Georgia executed Troy Davis.

That act has sparked an increase in conversation about Capital Punishment and whether or not it should continue to be allowed. There are, obviously, many conflicting opinions on the subject and all those opinions need to be heard and debated.

Having the state execute a citizen is very serious business and we need to get it right. Before and after Davis' execution there was an outcry defending his innocence and there was a demand for retaliation against the State of Georgia.

I respect everyone's opinion on the matter and I hope that everyone opposed to the Death Penalty in Georgia will continue to work through the system to change the law.

What I can't support is an effort to organize an economic boycott against Georgia by convincing organizations outside the state to take their meetings and conventions elsewhere.

The people hurt most by that effort, if successful, are the hourly wage earners who work at convention and tourism venues. Why make them suffer for something they have no control over.

If you want to effect change stay within the governmental and political system to get that done and don't make victims of folks who have no control over such matters.  

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