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Woman helps in her stepson's arrest

COLUMBUS, GA - Most people will do anything for their family, but would you turn that loved one into police?

One Columbus woman, who is also a bail bondsman, had to make that kind of decision to make sure her stepson was locked up again.

With pink handcuffs, taser, and badge in tow, Charlotte Riley does not let anyone, even her stepson, cheat her out of a deal.

"Then, that means that I have to pay the bond off, and that is something I refuse to do," explained Riley.

Riley has worked as a bondsman for about 20 years helping pay for people charged with crimes to get out of jail on bond as long as they return for court.  If not, she puts them back in jail.

"When I got him bonded out of jail, he knew what the consequences were."

 For 6 months, she was searching for her stepson, Randy Riley, who faced multiple minor criminal charges in Columbus.  After alerting other bounty hunters in town, one was finally able to find her stepson and arrest him.

"He knew he had to go to court for the charges.  So, he failed to do that.  So, I had to do what I had to do as an owner and as a mother," said Riley.

Kenneth Blount has worked with the bondsman for almost 5 years and calls her a role model for other women.

"[She is] setting an example for other entrepreneurs, females that would be interested in doing the same job as she does," said Blount.

He says Riley gave her stepson plenty of time to turn himself in, but in the end, it was her job.

"In our business, we have to set aside friendship, relatives, whatever. We do a job to come get you out of jail.  The only thing we ask is you go to court," explained Blount.

Riley agrees.

"If it was my bounty hunter and they had a warrant for him, he needs to turn himself in as well.  I mean you just can't get past the law," said Riley.

Randy Riley is facing charges of driving with a suspended license and speeding.  He is set to appear in court on Friday.

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