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Customers upset over debit card fees

By Katherine Kington -  bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  In light of new government regulations many banks have begun charging you fees for using your debit card.

Customers are not happy, many even leaving the financial institutions they've banked with for years.

"I think they're outrageous. Especially since I've been there forever and I can't afford them. It's ridiculous." Said Linda Carter a Regions Bank Customer.

Carter, walked into Auburn bank today looking at her options of opening a new account, a fee free account, for her money.

Carter says she works too hard for that money to be thrown into her banks hands, just for using it.

Auburn bank is not charging fees, and they're seeing the benefit. Bob Dumas with Auburn Banks says, "we've been fortunate to open some new accounts which is a good thing, I think there's been a little increased activities."

To avoid such fees, many financial advisors are advising customers to  turn to credit cards.

"I'm not in favor of that I think credit cards should be for emergencies and they can be dangerous."

Many customers are either leaving their banks...or using their credit cards or checks...but debit cards can be extremely helpful to the merchant.

"You know the merchant gets a great benefit immediate knows his cash for the purchase is there."

"I don't like it. If they start charging I won't use it." Said customer, Ray Mclendon.

"You know they're taking from us. We have to have them, we have to have a checking account and it's just outrageous," Added Carter.

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