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5 tips to land and keep a holiday job

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Whether it's because you're looking for extra cash for Christmas, or you're simply trying to make ends meet in general, now is the time to look for a seasonal job. Many retailers have already started hiring like Macy's, JCPenney and Toys-R-Us.

Getting those jobs won't be as easy as walking into the mall and handing over an application though. Research shows consumers are still spending less which means retailers won't hire as many workers this year.  So how do you get one of those jobs, and more importantly, go from part time to full time?  We talked with Manpower's Delia Postell in Columbus as well as Peachtree Mall JCPenney Store Manager Bryan Cook to get some tips:

Treat it like a true, job search-Experts say it's critical to approach a seasonal job the same way you would any job. This is especially the case if you hope it turns into a full time job. So, dress to impress, take your resume, etc.

Cross-train-While your job for the holidays might be in one department, a full time opening could be in another. If you take a little extra time to learn about what's going on and how things work in another area, this could make you the perfect candidate for the opening.

Pick up extra shifts-To say the holiday season is busy is an understatement. This means other employees might need the night off. Careers experts say this is the perfect time to jump in and offer to work if you have the time. Someone will remember later how much of a team player you were.

Offer ideas and solutions-If you see a better way to do something, especially if it could save the company money, respectfully explain the idea. Postell says this is the type of move that makes employees much more valuable.

Give it your all-Many workers who nab a seasonal job will be heading there from another 8 to 5. Retail managers like Cook say it doesn't matter. They want employees who have a smile on their face no matter what.

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