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Editorial: Immigration Law

EDITORIAL:  Last week, a federal judge refused to block key parts of Alabama's immigration law. 

The judge upheld the parts of the law that required schools to check the immigration status of students and require police to determine the status of suspected illegal immigrants.   

However, they blocked the part of the law that made it a crime for an illegal immigrant to look for work or for anyone to transport or harbor an illegal immigrant.

Part of Georgia's immigration law requires some employers to check the immigration status of employees but not all businesses are affected right now.

Other parts of the law are on hold by a federal judge.

And in Arizona an immigration law is in effect that requires local police to stop and demand proof of citizenship for any suspected immigrants.

Every state has different laws and what's legal in one state may not be legal in another.

Why don't we have one strong federal law that would bring continuity to this issue? This shouldn't be a state issue because we are a transient nation.  

This piecemeal system of fighting one of our nation's biggest issues is bad for people bad for business and bad for the United States.

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