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Editorial: Judge Aaron Cohn

EDITORIAL:  At 95-years of age the honorable Judge Aaron Cohn has finally retired after five decades on the bench and as the longest serving juvenile court judge in the nation.

Associates have said that Judge Cohn "is not somebody who sentences kids and throws away the key."

He's been instrumental in the lives of so many children in trouble – tough but caring and never forgetting they're just kids in need of a second chance.

His Honor served under General George Patton in World War II and was among the first U.S. troops to liberate the Nazi concentration camps at war's end.

But even with his heroic actions as a soldier, Judge Cohn has had an even greater impact on thousands of youngsters who found themselves staring up at this ominous figure in the black robe only to find out that trying to set them straight and offering a helping hand was his lifelong mission.

By everyone's estimation he succeeded at that greatly. 

We wish Judge Cohn all the best in his well-deserved retirement.

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