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A Look Ahead to 6 & 11


Here's what we are working on for the news at 6 and 11!

We are showing you a LIVE look from the news set with UStream tonight at 6:00. Click on this link to see what the Anchors say and do when not on camera: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/news-leader-9-at-noon

Racial slurs posted on Youtube lead to a local county commissioner's resignation. Hear what is said.

A major terror plot in the united states was thwarted just a few hours ago -- and you won't believe what country had ties to the plan. We have the latest details.

And demonstrators are taking over cities nationwide, protesting wall street. This weekend, Auburn will see similar protests and they have an interesting target group.

Tell your friends, then join us for these stories and more tonight at 6 and 11!

See ya then,

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