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Council member urges Crime Prevention to aid small groups

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - For two decades, Columbus Against Drugs has gone into neighborhoods in the community trying to cut down the drug activity. Now the group is having trouble getting money from the Crime Prevention Department.

"You don't need money to fight drugs, you don't need money and a church to spread religion, but you need funding for other things," says Davy Locket.

For Columbus Against Drugs founder Davy Lockett more money would help him get things that his group desperately need.

"Our mission right now is not to try and change the world but we are trying to change Columbus around to be a better place for our young people to grow up as well as for our senior citizens to live in," Lockett said.

"I don't think we have failed, I think we had a way to go to where we need to be when it comes to the grass roots organizations and that is something we are going to work on," Crime Prevention Director Seth Brown said.

But city councilman Pops Barnes says grassroots groups don't get equal funds as other groups getting grants from the Crime Prevention Department.

"Give them an armed budget; give them a grant so they don't have to come hat in hand asking for funding, that is only fair," Barnes said.

Crime Prevention Board Director Mike Gaymon says things are being put into place for smaller groups to apply for funds. He says that there has to be checks and balances put into place to make sure funds are not being abused.

"I think anybody not wants to support a group like Columbus Against Drugs if we had more people like that we would become the safest city in America," Gaymon said.

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