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Occupy Wall Street comes to Columbus


Cities across the world, and even here in the Valley are filled with protestors a part of Occupy Wall Street.

Katie Bowen with other members of Occupy Columbus gathered for the first time on Broadway in Uptown to peacefully protest what they call financial greed by the wealthiest 1%.

"It's not a bunch of crazy liberal hippies.  It's a lot of business people.  It's college students.  It's older people.  It's all different ages, everything," said Bowen.

Raynale Torris says they aren't planning on occupying anything...just handing out paper and raising awareness.      

"When we vote, okay, we are voting of the people right.  Right now, the corporations are doing our voting for us because they are buying the politicians.  So, the only politicians who can run are the people who are backed with the big bucks," said Torris.

"I personally am not voting for any types of camp outs or anything bizarre going on.  What you're looking at here in this neck of the woods is your basically looking at a civil rights movement," said Torris.

She says ultimately the goal is voting out politicians who they say support only the best interest of the wealthy not the country as a whole.  To this group, the first step to that is about making an impact in each community.

"Our goal is to spread the word, spread more information about what the Occupy Together movement is all about.  What our goals are, what our message is, what we believe in, who we are," said Bowen.

Members of Occupy Columbus say they will be on the streets of uptown every Saturday until they can raise enough awareness to start a bigger movement in Columbus.

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