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Updyke appearing in court this week

AUBURN, AL (WXTX) – The man accused of poising the trees at Toomer's Corner is set to be in court this week.

Harvey Updyke will be inside a Lee County courtroom Thursday, as his defense attorney and the District Attorney's office prepares for his trial, set to begin two weeks.

Updyke faces four felony charges and two misdemeanor charges after police say he poisoned the trees after last years' Iron Bowl, and then bragged about it on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show.      

Thursday, Judge Jacob Walker will consider attorney Glennon Threatt's motion to withdraw from the case.

Judge Walker's will also get a status update from Updyke's remaining attorney, Evertt Wess, and the DA's office to determine if the trial is a go.   

There's still a chance it could get pushed back.        

Wess tells FOX 54 he is still hoping to make a deal with the DA to resolve the case in the best interest of his client.

Updyke is set to go to trial for poisoning the trees at Toomer's Corner, October 31st. 

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