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Editorial: Occupy Movement

EDITORIAL:  Unlike anything we've seen in many years, nationwide protests continue to turn politics on its head.

Americans are rising up, coming out of their homes, and like the scene in the movie "Network" telling the politicians they're mad as all get out and "they're not going to take it anymore!"

It was the Tea Party that rose from the same democratic freedoms that has now birthed the "99ers" -- the Occupy Wall Street group. 

They claim to represent 99-percent of American people and are taking action against the greed and corruption of the corporate "one-percent". 

Some presidential candidates who aren't taking them seriously or who are disinterested in what they have to say should probably take notice, this is not a one party movement.

The protesters in New York City are getting most of the headlines but organizing groups are now in 15-hundred cities nationwide including growing movements in Columbus and Auburn.

But what good will the protests do?  What will their focus be a week or a month from now?  

I suspect it will be the same path the Tea Party successfully took -- shaping the political dialogue in Washington through the ballot box, which, after all, is the American way.

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