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YOUR TURN: Army's tattoo policy a little loose?

Are military grooming standards up for a change?  Sergeant Major of the Army, Raymond Chandler, told the Army Times that he and other leaders have had "very spirited discussions" about better defining the professional soldier.

Although there are no changes that will take place at the present time, Army leaders say they are simply for the time being gathering insight from soldiers and senior leaders.

Some want to see changes to the tattoo policy. Simply put, some do not want to see the markings on a soldier in uniform. 

The Army loosened its tattoo policy in 2006, allowing any size marking on the hands and neck as long as they are not racist, sexist, extremist, or offensive.  

Other topics up for discussion include wearing French-tipped nails or earrings, or using cell phones while walking in an Army combat uniform.

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