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Army dress code gets a makeover

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Donie Schrecengost has never spent a day in the U.S. Army but knows its grooming policy all too well.  For the past 10 years, he's been putting his artistic hand to work doing tattoos for Military Service men and women.

"You couldn't have naked ladies and rebel flags and that kind of thing, now it's a free for all you can have them anywhere except for your face, you can put them on your hand, face, and neck," Donie Schrecengost said.

Done says over the years he's seen the military tighten and loosen the reigns when it comes to policies on tattoos, finger nail designs for women, and uniforms.

"They don't seem to last very long, they usually want more soldiers and they get more relaxed on the regulations," Schrecengost said.

Sergeant Major of the U-S Army Raymond Chandler told the Army Times Monday that changing grooming regulations would give a better perception of the American soldier.

The new proposal would not allow soldiers to use cell phones while walking or have visible tattoos on their hands and neck.

It would also put tighter rules on military haircuts. Earrings and French tipped nails would not be allowed to be worn with combat uniforms.

Soldiers near Fort Benning do not mind the proposal.

"I don't think it's a problem as along as it's not showing out of uniform," says Specialist Kenneth Russell. "You can have as many tattoos as you want as long as it's not exposed when in uniform."

Specialist Nolke said, "When you have tattoo covering your body that tends to take away from the image that they want to have so it will be good for the military as far as the image, but it would be bad for the morale."

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