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Editorial: Fort Benning and Stewart County

EDITORIAL: The people of Stewart County might be among the few to appreciate the federal budget crisis we are now in.

It is a major reason why the possible massive land takeover in Stewart County is now on hold and perhaps dead forever.

The issue centers around a prime piece of land for the army's expansion of Fort Benning.

Fort Benning currently is 182,000 acres and one proposal has been to take a huge land-area of 82,000 acres of Stewart County.

The lost tax revenue for the county, if the federal government took the land is a million dollars a year.

With all the trillions of deficit-dollars thrown around in Washington, D.C. one million dollars does not seem like much.

But to a small-populated area like Stewart County it means the difference between subsisting and devastation to the schools and county services.

But because of the impending massive cuts in the federal budget and objections from local community leaders and residents, the day of reckoning has been put off until next year and perhaps killed forever.

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