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Family loses home in early morning house fire

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - In a matter of minutes Tremayne Cain, his wife and their two kids lost everything they owned.

"The fuse box was just popping and my wife looked up and next thing you know she said it's on fire, we saw an orange light coming from the kitchen."

Cain says his first thought was to get his family out of the burning mobile home.  

"I was scared something was going to fall you know block us in, we were going to have to tuck and roll out the window I don't know but we were going to make it," Cain said.

They left everything behind, including their children's prized possessions, daughter Jade's favorite blanket and their son's book-bag.

"She loved that blanket, she had it since birth a little pink cheetah girl blanket, she doesn't ever sleep without it," Ciera Cain said.

Tremayne Cain says those things can and will be replaced. He says he is glad that he still has what matters the most.

"Be thankful for the important things in life all this is material, it might burn up and go away I can't ever replace my wife and two children," Cain said

The Red Cross is helping the Cains find a temporary place to live.

Ciera Cain says her children ages 3 and 4 both understand what they have lost. They are eager to move forward and put this ordeal behind them.

"Hopefully we will have everything ready by Christmas, we will get him another one for Christmas we are not going to let this hold us back," Ciera Cain said.  

The Cain Family is currently staying at the Columbus Inn. If you would like to donate or help the family you can call their room there or stop by the front desk.

Columbus Inn: 706-689-6181 

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