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Keep your home safe by checking your furnace and chimney


While you are out trick-or-treating this weekend you may notice a slight dip in the temperature which means you may want to crank up your heat.

Before you do that, News Leader Nine tells you what you need to do before you touch that thermostat.

It keeps us nice and cozy when the temperature drops, but your furnace can be deadly if you do not take care of it.  Shelly Moore says that is exactly why she is always has a seasonal check-up for her heating system.

"I want to be around for a little while, and if some of my grandchildren by chance happen to be spending a day or so with me, I want them to be safe too," said Moore.

Nearly 200 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning, an invisible, odorless gas, each year.  Bill Bell with Energy Savers says a quick maintenance check on your system and investing in a carbon monoxide detector can help protect your family.

"We're making sure that vent exhaust lines that go to the roof are not stopped up with birds nest and that they are venting properly.  It's like a chimney for a fire place.  They've got to be clean to vent the carbon monoxide out of the home," said Bell.

Another threat is fire.  The United States Fire Administration says more than 3, 500 people die in fires every year.

"A stopped up heat exchanger with rust or soot can cause the flames to roll out of the furnace, and it can depending on if it's close to wood, like if it's under your house a lot of our furnaces are under our houses or in our attics, you don't want open flames rolling out near wood," said Bell.

It's a check-up Moore says is worth the investment especially if it can help save your life.

"It'll save you money in the long run because it's like getting a tune up.  You tune up your vehicle to keep them in good shape."

It is also important to make sure your chimney is clean.  Keep your home safe during winter by using this list of tips  to make sure your chimney is safe to use.

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