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Kids give you tips for a successful Halloween

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With trick-or-treating officially starting Monday evening, you better have your costume ready and a plan set in place.  But is there a special technique in making sure your treat bag is filled with the best candy? News Leader Nine caught up with some trick-or-treaters who have some tips for us.

It doesn't take an expert to know which houses will be forking over the sweets this Halloween.

"You have to get candy in your trick or treat bag," said three-year-old Katherine Elizabeth who is dressing up as Cinderella.

Tristan Parsons, who is trick-or-treating as a gangster, explained, "If they have the porch light on, they have candy for you. You go up to the house, ring the doorbell or knock on the door, and they will give you candy."

Julia Watson and Maria Castillo are in high school, but say even the young at heart can go out and ask for treats on Halloween. They say their trick is, "Go to the houses that have the bowl that say "take one" and take all of it."

Some kids spend all year planning out their costumes for Halloween night, and when they ring the doorbell, they keep their eye on the prize when it comes to getting the best candy.

"Reese's, Skittles and Hershey's," are the favorites of Heidi Parsons.

Katherine Elizabeth says she loves, "Bubblegum."

"The best candy to get is Hershey's," said Tristan Parsons.

As for the not-so-desirable sweets, Katherine Elizabeth said she does not like, "Candy corn. I throw it in the trash."

While Tristan is not a fan of, Whoppers. His sister Heidi does not like, "Almond Joy or Whopper's and if it is not good we'll just trade it."

Even though Halloween is not his holiday of choice, even Santa Claus has a few tips for getting the best candy, "Make sure you look for a candy cane and for cookies. Chocolate chips are the very best."

Every kid we talked to says you have to remember the magic words in order to get what you came for. Zach Taylor, who you'll find walking around as Jason on Halloween, explained, "Say trick-or-treat when you go to the door. [And then you say] Thank you." 

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