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Editorial: Copper Thefts

EDITORIAL:  It doesn't make the headlines every day but when it happens to you what an expensive pain it is.

Hundreds of area businesses and homes have been stripped of valuable copper costing each owner thousands of dollars in losses.

While a nuisance crime, it's been a growing problem until now.

Copper thefts in Columbus have been cut in half in the past four months thanks to an initiative from local law enforcement and the mayor's office.

With 76-copper thefts in June right after the mayor's task force was put in place there were only 40 thefts in September, a dramatic 47-percent drop in only four months.

Officials have been able to make a big dent in the problem through a hotline number where the public can report copper thieves.  So far, 17-calls have led to 7-arrests.    

Nice going to all involved and keep it up. 

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