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Columbus ranked "Brokest City in America"


As news spread Tuesday morning that Columbus was named  "The Brokest City in America" on The Daily Beast, we talked to people who say they see it every day.

Suzie Sironi told us, "I think it's dreadful and I'm a retired school teacher so people are struggling everywhere. People I know have had their own businesses and now their own businesses have gone bankrupt."

Peggy Jackson added, "I could see it happening with the economy the way it is now and people losing their jobs I can see it."

The article shows Columbus led the other cities in the U.S. because of a 9.8 % unemployment rate, A median household income of about $36,000, and an average personal debt of $28,000.

Rob Pitts with the Consumer Credit Counseling service said while he wasn't surprised to see the Fountain City on the list, he was surprised we were ranked first. He says,  "Their methodology gives equal weight to unemployment, income, and personal debt and in my mind those aren't equal."

Pitts says unemployment is by far the biggest factor to determine a city's financial well-being.

"You can have an income of  $15-$20,000 a year as long as you budget and live within your means, you're not broke. But if you're unemployed odds are you're going to be broke."

John McGlaun knows all too well the struggles of unemployment. "I'm trying to give my grandson a job and it's hard to find, I didn't realize how hard it was with trying to find getting a start." Peggy Jenkins says, "the job set for this area is a mill town so a lot of people have factory work experience but that's not what's coming into this area."

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