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Occupy Columbus to protest Wells Fargo

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Occupy Columbus will picket and stage a march near the Wells Fargo on 13th Street on Saturday.

A press release sent to WTVM stated:

On Saturday, November 5, 9am-1pm, Occupy Columbus activists will stage a march and picket at Wells Fargo Bank on 13th Street in Columbus GA. Wells Fargo is targeted nationwide on November 5 for actions because of its financial support of detention centers that house immigrants.

Occupy Columbus has called the action in solidarity with the "Move Your Money" project.  

In addition to the "Move Your Money" project, Occupy Columbus activists have expressed support for "Move to Amend" an effort to repeal the US Supreme Court decision in Citizens United which grants corporations the right to spend unlimited dollars to influence elections.  

Occupy Columbus reached consensus that "Corporations are not people. And Money is not speech."  

Columbus Native Chuck Martin said, "We need to talk about why corporations are regarded as people and why money is now regarded as free speech. There has been talk about working towards a constitutional amendment to deprive corporations of their person-hood."

Simply put, The Occupy movement believes money talks.  They want to take power away from big corporations through an amendment to the law that allows corporations to give so much money to political campaigns.

The group is targeting Wells Fargo nationwide on November 5th because the Occupy Movement says the bank financially supports detention centers that house immigrants.

Wells Fargo Community Bank President Chad Gregory told News Leader Nine, "Those accusations are unfounded and false."   

Gregory said Wells Fargo will be business as usual on Saturday.  "We respect their views and they have a right to protest in America. And, our job is really to focus on our customers and give back to the community."

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