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Otis Pugh's rape and child molestation trial begins

The trial began Tuesday for a Columbus man accused of repeatedly raping and molesting his former girlfriend's daughter.

The prosecution painted the following picture for jurors: Otis Pugh was in a relationship in 2010 with a mother of four children.  They say he forced one of those children to have sex with him whenever the two of them were in the home alone.  The young girl told police that for months, Pugh raped and molested her. and told her if she told anyone about it, he would kill her father.

The Assistant District Attorney says the girl lived in her own personal nightmare as this monster forced himself on her repeatedly.

Detective Hudson with the Columbus Police Department took the stand and said, "She told me she attempted to scream but the boyfriend covered her mouth with his hand.  He then pulled his pants down."

Prosecutors say the girl's mother was introduced to the monster inside Pugh when she walked in on the abuse in December 2010.

"That's when her mother entered the room, started screaming at the boyfriend while she was pulling him off. Shortly after that, the police arrived," Det. Hudson testified.

The mother was in the shower when witnesses say Otis Pugh snuck into the girl's room and was raping her yet again. When the mother saw what was happening she called police and then stabbed Pugh with a kitchen utensil in anger.

The young girl was taken to hospital to undergo treatment and have a rape kit performed. Pugh was treated for his stab wound and taken to jail, charged with rape, child molestation and aggravated sexual battery.

The defense attorney says Pugh will take responsibility for that one December night, but he denies ever touching the girl before that.

Otis Pugh is being held in the Muscogee County Jail without bond. He has been there since his arrest in December 2010. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

FOX 54 will continue following this trial.

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