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Vandals steal computer, cameras and car from couple's home

Richard Leach and his wife Donna came home to a startling surprise Monday afternoon. Their home on Harwich Circle in East Columbus had been hit by burglars.

"It looked like a hurricane had run through it, like you visualize seeing it on television. When the vandals come through looking for stuff," Leach said.

Leach says the burglars broke into the home by kicking in a side door. They got away with a computer valued at about $1,000, several cameras, and a number of other items. Leach says they lost about $4,000 dollars not to mention his wife's 2010 Honda Accord, which was also stolen.

"This can't be happening, this only happens in the movies, but there it was."

Leach says the keys to the car were in a basket on the counter and that the burglars must have found them and took the car. This type of activity is almost unheard of in their neighborhood.

"Can't think of anybody that I would get along great with our neighbors never have any problems with anyone."

Police say that burglaries become more common during this time of year and that people should be more cautious. The Leaches say that this was anything but a Happy Halloween and are hoping their car is returned to them soon.

"I would definitely call it a trick because it definitely wasn't a treat," Leach said.

The family's car has since been found on Manchester Expressway in Columbus.

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