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Get meat from a vending machine, Whitewater rafting in Columbus

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Man arrested in death of pregnant girlfriend

An East Alabama man is facing charges in connection to the death of missing pregnant woman, Cherri Dawson of Auburn. Keith Ware is being held in the Tallapoosa County jail charged with capital murder. Investigators say there is evidence linking him to the death of his missing girlfriend and their unborn baby. Dawson's family says she was 5 months pregnant when she went missing in early October. Investigators confirmed on Tuesday they believe Dawson's remains were found in Tallapoosa County about a week ago.

Get your meat from a vending machine

It's an invention you probably never thought you'd see. Two Alabama men have come up with a meat vending machine. It's called the Smart Butcher and it's located inside the Lil Mart in Odenville. It looks like any other vending machine but this one dispenses freshly packaged meat from ribeyes and pork steaks to sausages. The cuts can cost anywhere from a $1 to $6. Customers can just insert money or a credit card and out comes their meat.

Whitewater rafting in Columbus

In the next few years, you'll be able to go Whitewater rafting in Columbus. Tonight on our sister station, Fox 54 News at Ten, see how much of a splash the adventure sport will have on our area. Our own Jason Dennis hit the rapids himself on Tennessee's Ocoee River, next to the Georgia state line. You'll see his adventure and how Whitewater rafting has boosted its local economy. Could it do the same for the Chattahoochee Valley? Hear what rafters and nearby restaurant owners have to say about the impact of the rapids. You'll also hear about Jason getting flipped out of his boat - all that in our special report, "Whitewater on the Hooch," tonight at 10.

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