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A Look Ahead to 6 and 10

Good evening!

Here's what's coming up on our News at 6 and 11...

The day after it's announced that Columbus is ranked the "Brokest City" in America, city officials and their supporters are firing back. Hear what they have to say.

Four senior citizens are under arrest tonight -- after officials thwarted their plans to throw a deadly toxin on federal officers.

A star UGA football player, who has roots in Columbus, won't be able to play this weekend, and it's not because of an injury. We'll explain

And tonight, on our sister station FOX 54 News at 10, we'll explain how much of a splash Whitewater Rafting may have on our area. See my trip up to Tennessee's Ocoee River, where I rafted and show you what it's done for towns up there. Our special report is tonight at 10.

Stay tuned to WTVM and we'll see you at 6.


Jason Dennis

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