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Defend yourself this holiday season

The holiday season means great shopping deals and good food, but for some criminals, it means easy targets all over parking lots.

Debbie Baxter Robison is working to make sure you are not the next crime victim by educating women in Columbus about self defense.

"You prepare for everything else.  You have insurance on your cars.  You have insurance on your home.  This is insurance on you.  Your physical technique is what you will learn to get home," said Robison.

Many people think it is a good idea to walk into a parking lot with your keys between your fingers, but Robison says an attacker can actually use it to hurt you.  So, she says to hold your key like you are opening your door that way you can use your key as a weapon like this if anyone attacks you.

"They'll come up to you, and they'll say give me all your money, or give me your car or whatever.  Give them whatever they want just don't give them you," said Robison.

If anyone demands your car, Robison says do not throw your keys but just drop them on the ground and get away.

If you are in your car and someone tries attacking you, grab their hands and pull, banging their head into the car.   

Robison says you can learn more techniques anything from complex holds to a simple pivot out of a grab in her 6 week course.

Susan Miller, a former student, says women need to learn they don't have to be victims.

"Use their [an attacker] size to your advantage to be able to defend yourself.  You use their momentum, their size, when they don't expect what's happening," said Miller.

If you are interested in participating in self defense classes, Robison with Thorn of the Rose Self Defense says there are multiple ways to sign up for her class.

You can call 334-669-7673 or e-mail Robison at

You can contact Robison through the group's Facebook page as well.

Class are Wednesdays at 6:00pm at the Cunningham Center in Columbus.

It is $125 for the 6 week course.  You can pay a $25 deposit as long as you pay your balance before the end of the course.

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