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Teens suspended for sexual misconduct on school bus

The school district is handling a sexual misconduct case involving two teens in the 9th and 10th grade.

The male and female student attended an annexed high school.  Both teens admitted to having engaging in sexual misconduct.

According to a police report filed this week, an act of sodomy occurred about two weeks ago while the teens were on a school bus traveling from Hardaway High School to the Columbus Public Library after school.

Both teens have been suspended for 10 days.

Rule 16 in  Muscogee County School District's Behavior Code and Discipline Policy Handbook states a student shall not:

 (A) Indecently expose himself or herself, or engage in any inappropriate heterosexual or homosexual action;

Molest or rape another person;

Molest or rape another person;

(C )Engage in any form of inappropriate bodily contact or display of affection;

Participate in inappropriate activities such a mooning (pulling one's own pants down) or ankling (pulling another student's pants down); and/or

Posses, pose for, and/or transmit pornographic materials (magazines, pictures, images within cellular phone, web sites, etc.)

Students found guilty of the above actions may be suspended for not more than ten (10) days and may be referred to the Student Discipline Tribunal and/or may be referred to the law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction.

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