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Cain’s local staff addresses latest sexual harassment allegations

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The sexual harassment allegations surrounding Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain are becoming more severe.   

Cain is in a virtual tie with Mitt Romney and his support has held steady even after a week of responding to sexual harassment allegations, but that was before any women came forward publicly.

Monday, Sharon Bialek said after being fired from the National Restaurant Association in 1997 she went to Cain who was then head of the organization for his help getting a job.  After a dinner she said Cain invited her to see the NRA building.

"Instead of going into the offices, he put his hand on my leg and reached for his genitals," Bialek said. "He brought my head toward his crotch. I said what are you doing I have a boyfriend. He said, you want a job right?"

Bialek's attorney Gloria Allred said her client is not filing a lawsuit and is not writing a book.  She said the woman just wanted to speak out on behalf of other women who have been harassed.

The Cain campaign released a statement calling all allegations of harassment quote "completely false".

Cain's local supporters are fighting back. Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon, co-chair for the state's campaign for Cain, calls the latest allegations a "taudry, tabloid sideshow."

Senator McKoon says the charges are ridiculous, calls Cain a Southern gentleman who has been married more than 40 years.      

He says he does not believe this will have an impact on Cain's candidacy.     

News Leader 9 news anchor Jason Dennis asked, if he thinks the latest accuser is lying.

McKoon said, "I don't believe she's telling the truth. I've known Herman Cain 8 years and the sorts of things this person was alleging today are just outrageous."

Dennis asked, "This woman gives specific details about what she says Herman Cain did. Does that have a bigger impact?'

He answered, "The question you've got to ask, Jason, is 15 years has gone by, never a peep, never a complaint of any kind."

Senator McKoon says he believes the Cain camp is handling the allegations correctly, saying there is nothing to them and then focusing on issues like jobs and the economy.

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