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Editorial: Brokest city in America

EDITORIAL: Where in the world does Newsweek and their supposed news website The Daily Beast get off calling Columbus, Georgia "America's Brokest City"?

I mean, what does "brokest" even mean?  Bankrupt city finances? That is not the case.  Morally corrupt?  I don't think so.

The whole thing is absurd. Columbus is affordable, easy to get around, and a typical good American city.

Yet the story tars and feathers the city unlike never before.  The survey is not only pointless, but is seriously flawed and just downright mean-spirited.

I appreciate Mayor Teresa Tomlinson taking up for us and telling The Daily Beast what she thought of their stupidity. We are in good company as usual, great cites like Augusta, Savannah, Mobile and Montgomery made the list as well.

Online comments have been flying since the story broke.  Many have defended the finer things about Columbus, while others agree with the conclusions tarring the city. 

For those who agree with the trumped up findings of The Daily Beast and Newsweek, I hope you will stop to see the great things happening in our great city.

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