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Community builds veteran a house in one day


More than 200 volunteers came to an empty plot of land in LaGrange Friday morning to show their appreciation. for one veteran and his family. It will only take 12 hours to build the new home.

Chris Doyle served in the infantry for 20 years. In 2004 he was hit by an IED in Iraq, earning the purple heart and bronze star. Doyle and his wife are amazed that they were chosen for this.

"[I'm] overwhelmed. I mean, there's a lot of veterans out there who are more needy, more disabled than I am," said Doyle. "I don't know how I got lucky enough to get picked, but by God, I'm here!"

Squarefoot Ministries brought up the idea to Fort Benning, and things got rolling from there.

"We contacted the Fort and let them know what we wanted to do, kind of what we were planning months ago, and they recommended the Doyle family to us as a service project," said Dough Higgins, President of Square Foot Ministry. "We interviewed them, fell in love with them, and that's why we're here today!"

The project wouldn't have been possible without SunTrust, but their commitment didn't stop at donating the land. Allen Taber, the President of SunTrust Bank West Georgia, was there to lend a hand.

"From the standpoint of our company, we've got fifty volunteers who've come here today on their day off. It's Veterans Day, we're closed. These people, some of them brought their families, some have just come here on their own. This is more important than a day off to them," said Taber.

The house is sixteen hundred square feet with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Doyles and their two children will move in next Friday. It will only take 12 hours to build the home. 

Sgt. Doyle was very proud of his community.

"No one out here had to come out and do this. They're all volunteers, they're not getting paid for it. They've come out here because I'm a military veteran, and it's a veteran home. I'm very appreciative of that."

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