Little girl needs skin graft after dog attack

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Doctors say the toddler who was viciously attacked by a dog Friday is still listed in serious condition.  She was bitten multiple times after opening the gate at a home on Woodburn Drive to try and play with a Rottweiler.     

The little girl's grandmother said the toddler is still listed in serious condition at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, where she was life-flighted following the dog attack.

Doctors say a large portion of the little girl's scalp was ripped off and now they are trying to find enough usable skin on her body for a skin graft.

The 72-year-old woman says she is still too weak to talk much about the Friday afternoon incident that sent her and her granddaughter to the emergency room.  She was released from the hospital Saturday.  She suffered bites on her hands and arms, along with cuts and bruises to her face while she tried to fight the Rottweiler off her granddaughter.

The dog was taken by animal control and will be held for a minimum of ten days while police continue their investigation.  The dog's owners said no matter what happens, they think they will put the dog down.

Columbus police say currently no one is facing charges.

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