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Fire at Mobile Home Park...Warranty, Worth it or Not?

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News Leader 9 is on the scene of a fire this morning. It happened in an office building of a mobile home community called Oak Hill Park. That's on St. Mary's Rd. in Columbus. Firefighters say nobody was inside the building at the time, but it was destroyed. They also say there was no damage to any homes in the park.

There's a shocking revelation about who's protecting you on the road. A recent audit of the Georgia State Patrol revealed there weren't enough troopers on the road overnight, which is the peak time for drunk driving. Officials are now looking at cutting about half their posts and slashing administrative jobs to get more troopers on the road.

If you're planning to make a big-ticket purchase this Christmas, you can expect a big-time pitch for an extended warranty. Experts say stores are relying on them more and more to make a profit now that the economy's forced down product prices. But is any product really worth the warranty? We explain.


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