Jury deliberations underway in baby capital murder trial

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – Jury deliberations are underway in the capital murder trial of Kenneth Jones. He is accused of the capital murder of his then girlfriend's fourteen month old baby son.

Jones was the last witness to take the stand to testify in his own defense.  He told the jury he was playing with the baby boy back in March of 2009, when he tossed the baby onto the couch. He said the baby boy laughed so he did it several times until he heard a "clunk" sound.

Jones said he stopped after the clunk and a few minutes later little boy appeared to vomit bloody mucus, seize then have difficulty breathing.

Jones even broke down on the stand listing to the 911 phone call he made to police. The jury heard Jones on the 911 tape sobbing and counting over and over as the dispatcher tells him how to do chest compressions to perform CPR on the baby.

But in closings, the prosecution says the defendant brutally punched the child over and over again intentionally causing severe blunt force trauma that the medical examiner testified could not be consistent with a simple fall or two.

The state claims the defendant tried to cover up the crime by wiping up the boys blood with paper towels and carpet cleaner. The state says Jones gave two different statements to police about the events that day.

They say in the first statement he never mentioned the baby having an accident while they were playing.

News Leader 9's Elizabeth White is in the courtroom and will bring the verdict, as soon as it is handed down by the jury. We'll have the latest developments from the courtroom on News Leader 9, WTVM.com and on our mobile app.

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