Military cuts affecting Ft. Benning

Over the next decade, more than one trillion dollars is expected to be cut from the department of defense.

A congressional super-committee is coming up with a plan on how and where to make the cuts.

From our estimation, Ft. Benning might be hit the hardest.

Ft. Benning has the largest population of posts in Georgia. Over ten thousand more active duty military than the second largest post, Ft. Stewart. Cuts are sure to affect civilians on post, and Ft. Benning leads the state in civilian jobs as well.

Senator Saxby Chambliss talked with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce about the cuts and said even if the supercommittee doesn't act, the cuts will be made. He called them unsustainable and worried the military would be hollowed out.

The Pentagon Press Secretary called the cuts that the 2011 Budget Control Act would require devastating and claims it could add one percent to the nation's unemployment rate.

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