Toddler still recovering from dog attack

A toddler is still recovering after a Rottweiler attack Friday afternoon that sent her and her grandmother to the emergency room.

Police tell us the 72-year-old woman was walking from the grocery store on Buena Vista Road when the two year old ran away from her to play with a dog. That's when the Rottweiler attacked her.

The little girl, 2-year-old Synthia Watson, is a little girl her family says cleans up after herself and loves to play with baby dolls. She also loves playing with dogs. That's what led her to a yard at the intersection of Woodburn Drive and Buena Vista Road Friday afternoon.

She saw a Rottweiler behind the fence and she wanted to play with it. She ran from her grandmother, and opened the latch on the gate, but the dog didn't want to play. Police say he attacked her, biting her several times and tearing off parts of her scalp.

Synthia's 72-year-old grandmother tried to fight off the dog with no success. It wasn't until two police officers arrived on the scene and tased the animal that he quit biting little Synthia. The grandmother was treated and released from the Medical Center for bite wounds she sustained while trying to save the young girl.

The toddler was life-flighted to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta where doctors are working to reattach her scalp and do skin grafts for parts of her head. She has a surgery scheduled for Tuesday, where doctors will sew on the skin that her grandmother literally picked off the ground at the scene of the attack.

The dog, named "Tank", was taken into Animal Control custody and will remain in their facilities until the investigation is complete.

Columbus police tell us they are still looking in to the case, but at this time they don't expect any charges to be filed.

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