Columbus teenager stabs 28-year-old boyfriend, April's Fury special weather report

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Jury deliberates in Lee County, AL murder trial

Day two of deliberations continue inside a Lee County, Alabama courtroom for the man accused of killing his girlfriend's young child two years ago. The prosecution argued Kenneth Jones violently punched his girlfriend's baby repeatedly, causing the child's death. Jones testified late yesterday he was playing with the baby when the boy hit the back of the sofa. Get updates from court at

Columbus teenager stabs 28-year-old boyfriend

A 16-year-old Columbus girl is in custody after allegedly stabbing her 28-year-old boyfriend with a butcher knife. Police said the couple got into a fight at Huckleberry Hill Apartments on St. Mary's Road overnight. The victim was transported to the hospital, but authorities say his injuries are not life threatening. The teenager is being charged with aggravated assault.

April's Fury special weather report

While wet weather may be in the forecast later today, we don't expect anything like the deadly tornadoes that took place a little over six months ago. From April 27th to the 28th, more than 30 people were killed -- a day that also set a new record for the number of tornadoes in a day.  Tonight on News Leader Nine at 11, Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade takes a look at the science behind the storms and also discusses some of the latest research to come out of April's fury -- all geared to better prepare you for these deadly storms in the future.

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