A Look Ahead to 5 & 6

Good Evening!

Here's what we are working on for WTVM News Leader 9 tonight at 5 & 6:

BREAKING News: A Lee County, AL jury just found Kenneth Jones GUILTY of Felony Murder in the '09 death of his girlfriend's 14-month-old child. We have reaction, plus more details on the verdict and when Jones will be sentenced.

Hundreds in the Chattahoochee Valley have gone almost a month without their food stamp benefits. Find out why the delays continue and we spoke with a man who is now having a difficult time feeding his family.

A woman crashes into a ditch in Columbus and her car bursts into flames -- but she's saved by witnesses who happened to see the burning car. We'll share their heroic story.

And in a special report tonight at 11, Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade will show us the science behind tornadoes, 6 months after the deadly storms hit Alabama. He'll also share some of the latest research from the areas hardest hit to find out why so many people died and what we can do to prevent it in the future.

See ya tonight at 5 & 6.


Jason Dennis