Girl Recovers while Dog's Future Uncertain; To Occupy or Not

Good Evening I'm Barbara Gauthier.  Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for News Leader 9 at 11.

Columbus Girl Recovers - Dog's Future Uncertain

As a Columbus girl continues to recover from a vicious dog attack, the owner of the Rottweiler is trying to decide if the dog should be put down.  We'll tell you what the next days hold for the dog.

Jury Reaches Verdict in Murder Trial

A Lee County man has been found guilty of felony murder in the death of his girlfriend's 14 month old baby.  We'll have reaction to the verdict and tell you when Kenneth Jones will be sentenced.

To Occupy or Not

The judge issues a ruling concerning protestors who want to continue to Occupy Wall Street. Will they be allowed to stay in the park overnight?  We'll tell you about the new rules that could apply to Occupy protestors in other cities too.

Join us for those stories and much more tonight on News Leader 9 at 11.