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Fate of dog that attacked toddler remains unknown


A Columbus toddler is still recovering after a vicious dog attack last week.  As for the dog that attacked her, his fate still remains unknown.

Tank, the Rottweiler Columbus police say attacked 2-year-old Synthia Watson, has been caged at the Muscogee County Animal Control since the attack on Friday. 

Drale Short with Animal Control says the dog will stay here for six more days.  Then, the owner has to make a decision: to put the animal down or take Tank home.

"Rottweilers are generally territorial.  They're very protective over things that are theirs or areas that are theirs as well as their owners," said Short.

Short explains if the owner does take the dog home, he will have the animal registered as dangerous or potentially dangerous, post signs at his home, pay up to $15,000 for a surety bond, and buy a special collar.

Short says the dog shows no signs of abuse and was up-to-date on all his records.  She says this tragedy is not necessarily tied to the animal's breed, but more, to any dog's territorial nature.

"You need to be mindful of all dogs.  You could walk in someone's house and if it's a Chihuahua, but that Chihuahua could be vicious.  So, I don't really think it's a breed specific so much as if you are being loved and cared for you're not going to let anything happen to the thing that's loving and caring for you."

She also has a warning for all dog owners.

"Lock the gate.  Put a lock on the gate.  Don't just put the latch down because what will happen is what just happened--an innocent child would walk up on your property not realizing that this dog has been trained to protect your home," said Short.

The owner of the dog did not want to go on camera because he wants all of attention to be on the little girl who was attacked.  He says he is not sure if he will have the animal put down.

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