Auburn neighborhood damaged by storm

AUBURN, AL (WXTX) –  Hundreds without power have been temporarily displaced from their home as crews are near Auburn High School cleanup dozens of homes and cars were damaged by Wednesday afternoon's storm system.

Cleanup has been going on all day and night after a major storm system moved through parts of Auburn on Wednesday off Dean Road near Auburn High School. The storm turned homes into a mess.

Trees were popped like toothpicks and uprooted from the ground.  A red brand new car was crushed after a tree blew over in owner's front yard.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Auburn. Diana Ponder says she hasn't seen this much destruction in Auburn since Hurricane Opal in 1995. She and her son where watching the news just before the storm hit.

"The broadcaster said if you are near Auburn University take cover now and the power went off and he said lets go to the hall we did, 10-15 seconds of hard blowing wind it stopped," says Ponder.

For the time being, families are packing their bags and finding other places to stay, until power is restored.

Caroline Steiner only saw minor damage in her front yard but says, after the outbreak earlier this year; she was scared for her life.

"Then the power went out and then all I could hear was just loud noises."

Some say the noises lasted for a few seconds or a minute. Either way, it was enough time to do major damage to the area. Pound is thankful that no one was hurt, including her 91-year-old next door neighbor.

"She said the wind blew really quickly but we are okay," says Pound.

Local power and cable companies are expecting to have everything up in running in a couple of days.

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