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Columbus Save A Pet Program causes a confusion

The battle over animals' lives is being fought on Facebook, over email and in blogs.  It all centers around the Save A Pet Program, which was announced in Columbus two months ago.

One Columbus group says it is being pitched as a No Kill shelter. Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says that is not the case.  "It is based on what is nationally known as a no kill type steps. Of course, there is always going to be euthanasia based on illness and injury," explained Tomlinson.

The animal activist group Happy Homes uses their Facebook page to post pictures of dogs and cats at the facility to try and get them adopted.  They use terms like "death row" to tug at the heartstrings of people who might be hesitant to adopt. 

They openly accuse the mayor of not allowing beds that were given to Animal Control to be used. 

Tomlinson's response is that some of the beds are used, especially the smaller ones. She says others fit in the dogs kennels but do not let the dogs move around. "These animals deserve the opportunity to pace and walk around, lie where they want to and move about. And, to put a bed in there that only gives them 16 inches of room cannot be what any reasonable person expects."

On Monday, Happy Homes posted that several dogs were "killed on their first adoptable day."  The mayor says this is not true and says the confusion comes from a problem of dogs being put in to the system twice.  "We are eliminating that, but when that record is pulled they are assuming that is a kill and it is not."

The mayor says she will no longer spend 10 hours a week responding to what she calls lies and misleading information from the Happy Homes group.  She tells News Leader Nine she has done her due diligence.

Happy Homes says they will continue to post what they say is evidence the Mayor and Animal Control are not doing these animals justice.

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