Fans prepare for Iron Bowl

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Jordan Hare Stadium will transform into Alabama's fifth largest city this weekend, but many fans aren't waiting until Thanksgiving is over to make the trip, they've already arrived.

It has been one year since the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide faced off. In that time both teams and fans experienced a roller coaster of events, from a tornado touching down in Tuscaloosa and someone poisoning the Toomer's trees. During those events both teams really came together to help one another, but now it's time to put that friendship behind them as they prepare to face off in the Iron Bowl.

Auburn graduate Andrew McCay said, "It was cool to see everyone put that aside and come together to do what was best for people because in the end we are all Alabamians. But it wasn't long afterwards that things started getting said and it was over and now it's back to the rivalry."

Katherine Sullivan, another Auburn football fan, explained why this rivalry is so important, "When the two rivalries of Auburn and Alabama get together and when its home at Auburn it's a big deal. It's a major game for the rivalry."

Tigers fan Alex Popwell added, "I think it's the most intense rivalry in college football, between Auburn and Alabama. Every year they play and pretty much the whole state stops and watches this one game."

Not only does the final score matter, but McCay says there's a lot more on the line for the winner of this game, "The last couple of years the Iron Bowl has decided the National Championship game, which is cool and this year it has the same effect."

Auburn students David Appel added, "It's more than National Championship hopes, its bragging rights for the entire year."

"This is your claim to the state for the whole year. We've had it for a year and it was great so we're hoping to keep it for one more year," said Auburn graduate Ashley McCay.

Instead of preparing for Thanksgiving, these diehard fans are preparing for kickoff at this Saturday's game.

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