Thanksgiving shoppers are getting a head start

Usually the long lines outside stores are reserved for Black Friday shoppers, but some businesses are getting a head start and opening their doors on Thanksgiving for early shoppers."

"A lot of customers were here bright and early. They had their buggies ready to come through the doors," said Patty Deel, the manager of Kmart.

While some people are grabbing last minute items for their Thanksgiving dinner, most were grabbing the best deals for Christmas presents.

"We had board games that went over well and of course our electronics. I-pods, mp3 players, we had a lot of Wii games," Deel said.

Eric Causey was one of the many shoppers out today. "This was one of the only ones open and we just thought we'd come through here and pick up early Christmas presents."

The best advantage for shoppers to come out early is they beat the crowds and still get the best deals.

"Some things I got today are also on sale tomorrow so I thought I'd beat the crowd today," said Mary Ring, another Kmart shopper.

If you didn't feel like getting out on Thanksgiving, the main shopping event is tomorrow morning. To get a list of all the stores offering Black Friday deals and to check out their store hours, click on the consumer tag at